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13 Games for 2013 (Part One)

Written by on Sunday, 6 January 2013One Comment

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our visitors here at Soccer Gaming. Having drunk, eaten and relaxed a considerable amount  over the past few weeks, things start to return to normal, and with a new year brings new ideas, new games, and hopefully new members to the ever growing Soccer Gaming community. This site is run for fans of football games, by fans of football games. We don;t get ‘paid’ and we do it for the love of the genre. We try and call it as we see it, and comment in the form of facts and opinion, not rumors and gossip. Entering our 15th year (insane as that sounds) we hope you will continue to stick with us, and keep on getting involved!

So, we start 2013 with a feature that I was hoping to run over Christmas. However a variety of reasons, mainly time, stood in the way from its completion. As an avid football gamer, I went through a phase of simply playing nothing else. I would play my console for 100’s of hours, limited to just PES or FIFA, and as a result missed out on some exceptional gaming titles, that in hindsight I wish I had got into! Nowadays, I feel I have become a much more rounded gamer, and whilst FIFA & FM take up 80% of my gaming time, there are other titles that I feel deserve my time, and hopefully, some of you guy’s time too. As a result, I have compiled a list of 13 games, all of which are currently available on the market, that I highly recommend you take the opportunity to test out. Each game falls under a specific category, and I have tried to include games that are multi platform. I have attached a link to a trailer for each game, and we are currently in discussions with a web based distributor from which you can purchase the game from.  If you have any questions, queries or feel I have neglected a particular game, please drop me an e-mail on These are my 13 games you should be looking to experience (if you haven’t already) in 2013.

Game That EVERYONE Is Playing : Call Of Duty : Black Ops 2

Not a groundbreaking inclusion, but quite obviously the most talked about title on the market. An immersive Multi Player experience is coupled with an epic and enthralling single player story mode. Some gamers may be reluctant to step into a genre that, especially online, features exceptionally skilled gamers, however with easy difficulty levels, a frantic yet achievable single player mission, and team based games online, even a novice will get a great deal out of Black Ops 2′ As someone who was reluctant to get into the initial COD franchise, I must say that any reservations I had were soon quashed on playing COD 4, and both Black Ops titles have been equally enthralling.

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Football Game You Must Own : FIFA 13

Based on our reviews, and gaming opinion, it would be wrong not to include a football title in the

list(actually there are two!) If you visit this site regularly, chances are you have already played FIFA 13, however if you are a PES fan or reluctant to purchase the game, the wealth of game modes and options make it well worth a look. An in depth online gaming mode featuring seasons, pro clubs and challenges coupled with offline leagues and mini games makes it arguably one of the best value for money titles on the market. Oh, and there is ultimate team too!

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Game That You Might Have Missed : Batman- Arkham City

Like many people, having seen The Dark Knight Rises, I reckon being Batman would be amazing. If you had a negative experience with the wealth of shoddy movie based video games in the 1990’s you may have been reluctant to check out Arkham City. Truth is, this title (along with its Prequel, Arkham Asylum) are good enough games in their own right to be in any collection, and arguably some of the best games ever made when there is a movie or existing franchise involved. Both games will cost no more than £40 new (probably cheaper second hand), and with a story mode that is fast paced and enthralling, Arkham City is a must own game for anyone who enjoyed the trilogy of films

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Fighting Game You Should Own : WWE ’13

The problem with a lot of fighting / beat ‘em up games is they were perfect for arcades.  Short, sharp andeasy to play, the transfer to home console was always going to be an issue. The fact is, alongside having the branding WWE ’13 offers a great deal of game modes, options and features alongside having a genuinely playable and highly developed control system. Old school fans of Wrestling will love the wealth of former greats in the ‘Attitude’ mode, and customization is king too, with a plethora of creation options.

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Too Cool for School : Hitman: Absolution

Back in the late 1990’s when the original Hitman game came out, it was genuinely cutting edge and unique. The anti hero, killing people on a paid basis, with problem solving based around just this, murder. Several installments later, and Hitman is again the new cool, a game that is both credible and exceptionally enjoyable, requiring brains and planning as well as reactions and skill. The lack of a multiplayer option is made up for my multiple ways of completing each level, and attempting to beat your mates online score is enough to make you go back for another level. A deep and well told story line supplements this, and as a personal Christmas gift, I have found it difficult to put down.

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Alternative Sports Game : NBA 2K13

Less teams, less players and arguably easier to track stats. This is the only conceivable reason why 2K Sports’ yearly basketball franchise is so far ahead of football video games in term of presentation. Games that have you jumping off your seat, challenges and trophies that have you coming back for another play and modes that offer genuine diversity in how you play that game all come up in a market leading franchise which transcends the need for an enjoyment in the sport it represents. Even if your not sure, check out one of the older versions (2K11 / 2K12) to get a feel for how football games may one day be presented.

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Part two of this article, featuring seven other games will be live on Sunday 13th January 2013.