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Sony Playstation 4 Announced

Written by on Thursday, 21 February 20133 Comments

Perhaps the biggest development in Console Gaming over the past 5 years, last night (20th February) Sony announced they are launching the Playstation 4, with an estimated release date of Q4 2013 / Q1 2014, dependent on where you live. This move, which breaks away from Sony’s earlier trend of letting the rival get the first word in (see Sega Saturn, X Box 360) has set the stall out for a potential Next Generation Battle to take place during in a time when gaming has a insecure future. With major gaming shops and even high street entertainment stores feeling the full force of the recession in the UK and worldwide, are consumers ready (or can they afford) to dip into their pockets and fund a whole new gaming catalog?

The answer to that, along with how Microsoft will inevitably respond is one that is in the distance. As a Sony gamer (pinning my colours to the mast their) I am looking forward to seeing what information is slowly drip fed over the coming weeks and months, and how it may effect flag ship games such as Grand Theft Auto and more importantly, the latest Soccer offerings from EA Sports and Konami. Instead of recycling second hand information, I have included a couple of links to direct press stories below, so you can make your own judgement, as well as the official Sony trailer from the event. One point of note, the potential SHARE button on the controller, which now allows you to record and save in game video clips looks exceptionally exciting for me, especially from a Goal of the Month / Video compilation point of view! We live in hope!

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