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Sharing your Videos – PS4

Written by on Wednesday, 27 November 201391 Comments

In the next few days, PS4 will land across Europe, and with it the feature to share videos of your gaming will occur. Gone are the days of an external, third part piece of kit. Gone are th days of recording your best goals on your digital camera. Soon, online Goal Of the Month competitions will be as easy to enter as pressing a button, and incredible show boat moves against your friends can be forever saved on the world wide web, allowing for mocking and owning to occur in the workplace or common room!

However, Sony have been smart in exactly how they have branded this. Instead of sourcing the software themselves and being in compete control of content, they have outsourced the steaming capabilities to two recognize and well respected online sites. Twitch ( and UStream ( will be responsible for handling gaming footage online, either in the form of direct streams to watch live gaming action or to retrospectively watch matchs or content from gamers. Perhaps the best parts are that both currently have working and supported apps for various mobile devices, and both are free to join and use.

We will feature a review on how to use this services in the coming weeks, however my advice would be to visit both of these sites and get signed up straight away (especially if you have a unique tag or signature).