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PS Plus

Written by on Saturday, 30 November 2013857 Comments


Just a quick one. If you are interested in getting a PS4, and are looking to play online, you will need to purchase Sony’s premium service PS Plus in order to do so.

PS Plus has been around for around 2 years now, however for PS3 or PS Vita gaming, the subscription service acted as an addition to the consoles’ online features. Free games, auto updates and bonus content was all provided, but ultimately, online gaming was free. However, having seen the success and improved service provided by Microsofts X Box live product, Sony have made PS Plus a mandatory feature in order to play against your mates.

So, if your looking to play online this festive period, make sure you include PS Plus on your list to Santa, if your looking to buy a console in the new year, it may be worth buying the service anyway, as the bonuses such as online free games and downloads are available for PS3 and Vita, and the subscription covers all three consoles.

X Box will continue to use X Box Live as their premium subscription service, which will retail between £40 and £50

PS Plus is currently available for £39.99 and can be purchased in most good stores as well as online.