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    TOP TEAMS 22/23

    They're absolutely awesome, as usual. Thank you, man! Keep them coming!
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    BR7 Kits

    This looks fantastic. Keep it up!
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    OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v4 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 21/22 Season)

    I don't post in here very often anymore (unfortunately I've been unable to properly run FIFA 14 on my new PC, it has lots of graphical glitches that annoy me to the point that I'm not playing it anymore) but be sure that for one member criticizing there are a thousand just praising. I also...
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    EEP 22 1.0

    ...and if you don't have the scrollbar (it happened to me, heaven knows why) just zoom out until you see the "Download" button on the bottom right. It's that simple. :-)
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    EEP 22 1.0

    Thank you man! As always, much much appreciated. Long live EEP! <3
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    EEP 22 1.0

    Glad to see you join the modding community, I still remember your career mode stories from the official FIFA forums, even if I'm hardly active anymore (I used to be, and still am, ale85bg over there).
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    EEP 22 1.0

    Well, do you want to know the funny thing? It used to. I remember an old (very old) game, FIFA 2002 I think, where you could add teams from the edit mode and then use them in the game (for friendlies and such). I don't remember if they could be used for career mode too (was career mode a thing...
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    EEP 22 1.0

    So it's not kits you're after, it's minikits (the ones shown in the preview/kit selection screen). I think you should use the LiveEditor for them to appear, I don't think there's any other way at the moment.
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    EEP 22 1.0

    Thank you pal! I also wish you a very, very happy new year... Hoping it'll be better than 2021, for everyone.
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    EEP 22 1.0

    Oh dear... It's that time of the year again! Here, near Bergamo, today we celebrate Saint Lucy (it's even more important than Christmas in some areas of northern Italy) and this is the absolutely perfect Saint Lucy gift. Thank you man, you're a true legend. Long live EEP! ❤️
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    Those are absolutely stunning, pal. Thank you!
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    Which DB should I edit?

    Oh God I'm stupid, I keep forgetting about that. All fine now (as you can see Juve's away kit has collar 0 now instead of the default which was 7): I "only" need to change all the colours and maybe, if I can, the number assignments so Serie A numbers get loaded. Then rinse and repeat...
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    Which DB should I edit?

    Hello everyone, noob question here. I've been editing FIFA for years in the Impact Engine/Ignite era and it's the first time I try and edit a Frostbite game (I'm trying to add real names/crests/kits to Serie A teams, nothing more). I got everything set up (FIFA Editor Tool, FIFA Mod Manager)...
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    NIKE Dri-FitADV 21-22 Template (for Kitmakers)

    Wow this is insane. Great job pal!
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    EEP 20

    Don't worry! I know it's me who's strange, but I prefer FIFA 20 to FIFA 21 (which I also own) and I always tend to play the "original season" with a game, no matter how old it is. This may be a suggestion for the future, if you don't mind (as I often seem to struggle the same way with PES): I...