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    Fifa07 Nets (360)

    Seems like a perfectly reliable source ----------------------- Haha, do you honestly think all the players will be the same size in the final version? When they showed the game on Gamespot, the guy from EA said that they've worked alot on that. He said that Peter Crouch went for a type of...
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    A video interview for FIFA 07 next-gen

    Made a couple of screencaps ..
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    FIFA 07 360 Footage
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    FIFA 07 360 Footage

    I love the thing (2.34 in) when Ronaldinho makes that 180 turn, only using his right foot. The thing i'm most excited about, as far as foot planting goes, is that you no longer is tied to number of pre-scripted animations coming off the right thumbstick. From the looks of things you'll be able...
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    FIFA 07 360 Footage

    13 posts and no buzz-kill, gotta checka this out!
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    Will the graphics on the PC be as good as Xbox?

    But that's really not the issue, is it! Unfortunately for you, the majority of people playing video games aren't overprivileged white kids who can put down 2 grand on a new computer every year.
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    Is Henrik "Henke" Larsson in Helsingborgs IF in FIFA 2007?

    No way Shelton does 10.00 on the 100 meters!
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    9 Xbox 360 Screenshots ..

    Yes! I hope it will be something like NHL 07 (although ice hockey is famously played with a puck) , really good physics.
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    EA reveales FIFA 07 on Xbox 360! (Report)

    They talk like they just found the cure for AIDS or something. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. EA have a history of talking up their products to ridiculus magnitudes, but once you have it, it's the same **** you've been playing for the last five years.
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    It's finally here!!! Xbox 360 Pro Evo 6 gameplay footage!!!

    Is this 1972? Seriously, what's up with the shorts?
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    9 Xbox 360 Screenshots ..

    Yeah well, it's still misleading.
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    9 Xbox 360 Screenshots ..

    I think the first one might be, but the xbox 360 just can't handle that type of graphic.
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    9 Xbox 360 Screenshots .. Granted that's not ingame, but mother****!
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    Is Henrik "Henke" Larsson in Helsingborgs IF in FIFA 2007?

    Om han inte torskar haha!
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    New FIFA 07 Gameplay Movie and Intro

    Don't get i confused. That intro was obviously scripted.