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    Revolution Mod 16

    Thank you for answer Scouser. But I have one more question. There is stored save files FIFA 16? In previous versions of the game it was folder FIFA 16 in my documents, but I can't find them in this folder now. Thank you.
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    Revolution Mod 16

    Hi Scouser09. You doing great work for all fifa community. Thank you for this great patch. One small question for you. Is it possible to add boots and faces for youth players created by game in career mode? Thank you.
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    Doctor+ Productions 16 Special Mods

    Hi Fidel. Thank you for your great work for fifa community. One small question how can I see the id for youth players generated in career mode? Thank you, and sorry for my english.
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    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    Guys how can I find out the ID of created players from youth academy? Thank you.
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    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    Hello. In which folder I can find saves files of my career? Thank you.
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    Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay) Mods

    Hello. How to fix this thing. Thank you.
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    FIFA 14 Manager Faces

    Thank you. Good luck with your exams.
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    FIFA 14 Manager Faces

    Can you try Villas-Boas and Rudi Garcia faces. Thank you.
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    FIFA 13 Face Project By sam_red devil

    Great faces again Sam. Thank you for your hard work. But I have a request for you. Can you please do Marco Benassi from Inter. He is very talented midfielder in Italy. Thank you. Here are some pictures:
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    FifaMania Superpatch 13!!!

    Awesome work. But I have the problem. I have installing patch with all updates, but my game crashes after Messi screen. Can you help me? Thank you.
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    Style Gameplay by Fifaccitiu (With Winter Transfers)

    Fifaccitiu excellent work. But game crashes then i trying to start new carrer.
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    M4rsAttack's Faces FIFA13

    Good pack. Thank you!!!
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    M4rsAttack's Faces FIFA13

    Great work.
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    M4rsAttack's Faces FIFA13

    Awesome work. Especially Florenzi)))))). Any news about your facepack?
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    [Preview] Superpatch 2012 by Zlatan87

    Zlatan thank you for great patch. But can you fix link to part 5. Thank you.