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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    +1 for KOKE
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    fernold2k's Faces

    please make david neres
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    fernold2k's Faces

    make bernard
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    W.S face improvisations

    please make locatelli and ocampos
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    HoppyJoe's Faces

    Grafsky you have hugo mallo face please, i need so much
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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    hey Kris, kyle edwards from west bromwinch have a bug on his hairlod, in game his hair fly arround his head, please fix this, and thaks for the great job you do!! Sorry for my english
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    Laverni's Faces

    please make giovanni simeone
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    krisaju95's Faces (WWTFM)

    Kris can you convert KOKE from atletico madrid 17 for 16, his have a hair and face update