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    FIFA 13 / Farkam / Full Faces

    Thk you so much man.. You're the best (Y)
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    FIFA 13 / Farkam / Full Faces

    Dude both versions are awesome, but I think the second version is more similar. I try to be patient, but it's really torture when I see such a masterpiece and can't use it. Anyways, good luck on your work man and I hope you release both versions soon! :Shifty:
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    LTH's FIFA 13 Faces

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    FIFA 13 / Farkam / Full Faces

    Masterpiece You've created a masterpiece. GREAT Isco. Can't find anything to change. I hope you're planning to release it soon! :bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy::bouncy:
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    Wichanwoo's FIFA 13 Faces

    Laugh Dude do you mean that all the people in the world know that Iranians play like they're in the hospital LOL They spent like half of the time not running but lying on the ground
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    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    Dude, I know that U wanna be a critic or something, I dunno. I respect your face patches and most of the opinions. I would have said that you are right if Ohohohyaya isn't open to suggestions about editing his faces. Actually he edits the faces over and over reflecting the...