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    Kit Pack Serie A 2020/2021 by Scucco67

    Great work! Can you also add the new serie A font to all the kits?
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    EEP Season 20/21

    Yeah this happens to me as well when I start a game with certain kits, I've noticed Juve and Ajax so far
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    EEP Season 20/21

    Hey can you update Serie A numbers with the new font? ( Also, juventus home kit should have black numbers and names. And both Juve kits are missing the scudetto (1200px-Scudetto.svg.png)
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    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    @riesscar would you consider adding the scudetto patch on Juve's kits? I know they haven't won this year's league yet, but they're still champions for all intents and purposes and are well on their way to defend the title again. It's better than not having it on any team's kit I think
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    FIFA 14 Faces

    Did you happen to notice if Juventus had any new faces?