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    Ajax_1995 Kits

    Hey bro. Amazing kits here. Since you made Slovenia Home and the away is exact template just different color combo could you please try make this one too. Appreciate all your work
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    Fatalinho Facepacks

    hey man I was wondering what hair model you used for Lovren. great work
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    wichanwoo's faces

    Curtis Jones and gabigol please my man
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    Riesscar's TV Watermarks

    Where is this file located in frosty
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    L77's Kits

    Amazing job as always. Any plans on releasing serie bkt team kits?
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    Brother would really love to have the injury list in my career hub. Any chance of making a mod file with that option only?
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    KITS 2019-2020

    Please release your chelsea design!
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    Hey mate. I was just wondering where you get the textures for your kits. I am searching...

    Hey mate. I was just wondering where you get the textures for your kits. I am searching everywhere to find textures of the puma and Nike 19/20 team wear jerseys. Any help?
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    Perry's Faces

    Mate your work with fifa 18 was amazing can't wait to see it with fifa 19. Any chance though when you upload frosty mod files you could separate each player so we don't have to add as a pack?
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    Prodigy's Tattoo Shop

    Amazing work brother!! Wanted to use a few of these for Fifa 18 but cant find anything that works to convert from .rx3 file to png or jpeg. Any chance you can help us out?
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    afwan's Faces

    Where in frosty editor are the files for the bench if I wanted to make my own?
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    Doctor+ Productions 18 Exclusive Worldwide Mods & Tools

    Hey mate. Where are the image files for all the career mode tiles?
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    afwan's Faces

    V2 of shaqiri is spot on man. Best faces I've come across well done you are a champion!
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    afwan's Faces

    Bro your work is absolutely amazing. Don't want to annoy you if you don't like requests but if u don't mind I'd love lallana hair color update, shaqiri face Big Liverpool fan here
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    Kits By DerArzt26

    Work is amazing but I still can't seem to download.. If followed the instructions but yet nothing. Can anyone upload to mega or something and share please?