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    Managermode - Stadiums

    Hey all, ive got a problem on my manager mode i guess. Ive got the latest CEP Patch installed and downloaded a stadium with cmp format and imported it. Works great on "Play now". But If i do now start a manager mode with the team which has the downloaded stadium its not working. Like eg...
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    PES5 Patch for XBox??

    Hello, does anyone know if there is an good patch out for the xbox includes all kits and names etc.? Or when does one come out? Thanks
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    Latest Optionfile for XBox ???

    ah comon...someone must know anything about it.....please
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    Player run?

    You need to make a double pass, as soon as your "passer" passes the ball, he will run like in fifa. I think its R2 Key or L2 + x key - dont know, playing it on xbox...
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    Latest Optionfile for XBox ???

    Hey, i was wondering if somebody knows where to find the latest, this summer transfers, optionfile for the XBox ??? Thanks in advance.
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    O-Car's UCL 2G Kits thread

    aye....whata bull****
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    O-Car's UCL 2G Kits thread

    must the template beeing bigger as usual for long-sleeves? else just try giving it long-sleeves? (ive never made a kit or stuff, just asking) ty
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    i cant

    Dont know, reinstall maybe?!
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    more kits

    The Dressingroom crashed after i importet manu away CL....any idea? the others worked. Game crash before i start to play with ManU :(
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    more kits

    cool man =)
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    more kits

    yes, thanks alot.... :rockman: you got ManU maybe?
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    more kits

    Has onyone tried out if they work yet?
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    UEFA CL kit raptor is here!

    Yes please, support us with some nice kits guys :)