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    FIFA 11 new File structure - Analysis, experiments and discussions thread

    This is definitely a useful thread, and it makes ALL creating procedures become easier. But as a small protato of this forum, I'm eager to know the specific size of the jerseys, minikits and boots, helps would be highly appreciated. Moreover, as it's know that we have the different fonts...
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    Pepis Adboards and other workshop.

    Ops, you start to try some new things apart from the kits? Anyway, looking forward to see you works!
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    ..:: 2010 FIFA World Cup Game - Adding Mod Thread ::..

    What a nightmare of England...However, US is the strongest opponent to them, in my opinion, 1 pt is acceptable. Btw, how's the patch right now?
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    FitriMira 2010 Boots and Graphics

    The new boots are really great^n, thanks mate.
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    Elendil030 - Fifa10 adboards thread

    It seems that a new cmp patch is going to be released, thanks for your ads!
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    Keegan's Thread. [Still No Requests]

    I agree with Fitri, what's up Keegan> It seems that you've disappeared for a long time.
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    FIFA10 - RD86

    Thanks for the CTR RD, you love Hargreaves?
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    FitriMira 2010 Boots and Graphics

    Thank you boss. You always provide great products
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    Kits, Minikits & Related Requests

    could someone make the new newcastle jerseys~? Please~:33vff3o:
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    Boots Request Thread - Fifa 10 Seems the bootmakers have forgotten this..
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    Boots by Kamos

    thank you kamos, really superb MV!
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    FIFA10 - RD86

    thank for your effort~really superb
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    Keegan's Thread. [Still No Requests]

    In this new game I hope we can still use your brilliant works, Keegan. Hope you can bring us sparkles and miracles.
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    FIFA09 Boots By RD86

    hey upon3 that's a good suggestion and I hope RD to make them too! Yet I think the last boot you've mentioned should be predator black-silver, isn't it?