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    Which is the best Brazilian state?

    MMA fighters... that's a tough one as I don't follow the sport... I believe the Gracies are from Rio de Janeiro, and that Anderson Silva is from Sao Paulo... there are quite a few from the Northeastern states as well
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    Which is the best Brazilian state?

    We've got rodeo guys from all over... I do believe the best known ones are from Sao Paulo though there are guys from Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso and Rio Grande do Sul. The biggest rodeos in Brazil take place in Sao Paulo state as well... Barretos, Jaguariuna, Americana...
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    Which is the best Brazilian state?

    The land of Rondon should actually read the land of Random (for Randomnia). It's my favourite state. After that, Great Southern River.
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    Should Brazil Still Host the World Cup?

    Would it increase your chances were I to develop some chemical weapons?
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    Should Brazil Still Host the World Cup?

    It'll happen, don't you guys worry... In 1950 the Maracana wasn't properly finished at the start of the tournament, and while I think it won't be that bad, it won't be that different either. About safety and crime and all that, yeah, things are bad, but it won't happen during the event as the...
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    Soft Drinks....

    I've tasted Dr. Pepper and I thought it was horrible.... Irn Bru tastes like cheap "tubainas", which are guarana flavoured sodas. My favourite is still Guarana Antarctica, followed by Pepsi Twist and grape Fanta. Yes, I'm weird.
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    The English Premier League Discussion Thread

    Well done Citeh! Congratulations!
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    Pretty much
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    The Official YouTube Links Thread

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    Worst ad EVER

    Good enough for me. I'd hit and tell everyone about it...
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    2010 FIFA World Cup Final: Netherlands v. Spain [P/R]

    congratulations Spain!
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    Leo to Brazil

    Autuori anyone? actually, if it were down to me, I'd get Muricy Ramalho.
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    WC 2010 QF: Uruguay vs Ghana [P + R]

    The scenario I described would involve no further action from the striker, the ball would continue its flight into the net (though of course it wasn't clear, for which I apologize). Would it still be denying a goal scoring opportunity, or a goal? I agree on it being unfair, I'm just saying...
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    WC 2010 QF: Uruguay vs Ghana [P + R]

    I don't totally understand the LBW rule, but doesn't that always involve lots of controversy as well? Even with video replays (is it video replays? or that Hawk Eye thingy?) now being available and challenging ump's decisions? Yes, it does seem to be unfair on Ghana, and I agree it's horrible...
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    WC 2010 QF: Uruguay vs Ghana [P + R]

    If that's what you consider cheating, then yes, he cheated. To me, cheating is trying to deceive, and Suarez didn't do that.