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    vojasrbin's Faces

    Awesome. Thanks.
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    Martín RP's Faces

    Awesome. Thanks for the facepack.
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    Ivo's Faces

    Great. Waiting.
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    Faces by EgorPl

    Awesome. Thanks for the facepack.
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    M4rsAttack's FIFA 14 Faces

    Nice faces. I believe Klose looks a bit older than he really is. By the way, have you created Francesco Acerbi for FIFA 14?
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    Martín RP's Faces

    It's great to have a couple of unmade faces for an interesting league. Please create more young talented players.
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    Little Monster's FIFA 14 Faces

    Nice faces mate.
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    CM 14 and Other Tools by Rinaldo

    I have a problem with assigning a commentary name (I'm using English Commentar). I don't know how to use CM 14 commentary assigning, yet I believe I know doing so via DB Master. Lacina Traoré in my player of interest. As I checked Traoré is assigned with a commentary name in db and it works for...
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    [UTO] FIFA 14 Faces

    Awesome faces mate. Please update Fábio Coentrão's face too. His current face is mediocre and old.
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    Sky Bet Adboards

    Awesome. Nice job (Y).
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    MuriloCr$ FIFA 14 Faces

    Well done. Nice face.
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    FV.Jon's Faces

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel, Andreas Weimann and Jordi Amat can be regarded as good talented players too.
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    FV.Jon's Faces

    What I can recommend is Gerard Deulofeu. He's highly talented.
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    UM Banners

    @ uomomagnetico Please create a banner for Everton. I've been searching, yet I haven't found any banner.