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    wichanwoo's faces

    Dear Wichanwoo, your obviously one of, if not the best! What great faces and textures. Would you please make such a great Granit Xhaka? The EA one is quite off, so it would really add value to lot of fans. Would love to see him in your series!
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    FIFA 21 kits

    Very nice. Especially the Juve ones. Could you make the Arsenal ones?
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    [FP] Fantasyproduction by Arkantos (alias. HoMi)

    Hi Arsenal home is leaked on Footy. Could you give it a go? Home: Away: Third...
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    wichanwoo's faces

    Is the Ronaldo version downloadable without the ponytail? Only saw the 19-20 version with ponytail in the link?
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    FIFA 20 - Generic Face to Real Face Mods (Information)

    YEAH, DwaNeStaR on Youtube () makes for instance also collations, but without any clear cut straight download reference for them. It's a maze. You could do great help listing those here as well! keep up this good work - like!
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    aurion17's FIFA 20 Faces

    Nice series! I scrolled through the thread but i dont understand actually where your faces can be downloaded. Could you provide location links? Kind regards
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    Fatalinho Facepacks

    Dear Fatalinho, a request: Would you be so kind to create a version of Guendouzi having Leipizig's Ampadu's hair and hairlod?
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    Joebro's Faces

    Hey Hoppy could you do an improved Martinelli? The RFA one is not so good. If time as well: Bukayo Saka?
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    FIFA 20 - Generic Face to Real Face Mods (Information)

    Btw: Suggestion: in your first post, create a table with names and links as well to the (re)posts you plan in this thread. As this thread will itself get huge i guess in time.
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    FIFA 20 - Generic Face to Real Face Mods (Information)

    Fantastic initiative, as 'user' i felt this oversight was missing as well. Very much appreciated, and pleae continue! NB: Obviously without loosing any respect to the modders!
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    Arethiel's Free Kits

    Could someone make the Netherlands new EK kit? Probably black shorts i'd guess from the looks of it. Bit Roma style with the stripes.
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    Fatalinho Facepacks

    Hi Fatalinho. I have a request, as you did a lot of hair upgrades. Maybe you could be so kind. Would it be possible to make an upgrade/fix available of Arsenal's Guendouzi hairlod ingame? I like the close-up and actual model of the hair (in old days hairstyle files if i remember), which is...
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    wichanwoo's faces

    Quite amazing. Florentino.
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    Callum's faces

    Wow, can you start Saka mr?
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    Classic faces for FIFA 20 by shadow_boy32

    Yep could be, i have been around since 2009 :-). So no luck yet for the arsenal fans? Maybe some other modders will pick up. Have fun!