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    FIFA 22 Nintendo Switch™ Legacy Edition (Extract)

    Do we have new update? In first patch for PC and Consoles there are 50+ new kits updated.
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    Total graphic patch [MoviesGDB/ScoreboardsGDB/TVLogosGDB]

    Well mostly i play because i dont have time to mod my game. I think 16 is better but 22 is great. I am playing on Xbox Series S. It makes me piss of sometimes with ugly animations and ice skating, players turning around without physics and inertia, but good thing its not all the time.
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    Total graphic patch [MoviesGDB/ScoreboardsGDB/TVLogosGDB]

    Its already maded. Not for now. I am not playing 16 for now but mostly i don't have time for editing.
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    robmar85's National Teams Kits

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    Converted balls PES6 to FIFA

    But we already have almost all. Those from pes 6 use same model. But new pes games mostly have different models and need to be done in blender probably. Only if we have same model.
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    Converted balls PES6 to FIFA

    GIVOVA Venezuela (national team) download - ALL CREDITS GOES TO Kelvinator from foro pes retro!
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    The Wizard's Stadiums

    Many EPL stadiums are updated (Crystal Palace, Leicester with new real base/pitch). All of EPL stadiums have at least new textures. Maybe models are not better than 16 but at least are updated. Also Leicester have some static adboards and need to be replaced with animated (only one side because...
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    kotiara6863's Stadiums

    Kot, can you check this?
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    21/22 Kits

    FIFA 22 kits converted for 16
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    Converted balls PES6 to FIFA

    Because we dont have proper model i converted this ball from PES 6. We are having FINALS this week so I decide we need it. ADIDAS UEFA Nations League download - preview (I tried to do it in FIFA 22 style)
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    RHZH's work

    What do you think. Is possible to do new Bundesliga scoreboard?
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    Stadiums by Gonzaga & BFL TEAM

    ID 441 and 442
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    FIFA 21 Conversions (DB, Kits, ect.)

    You can import them with CM. Click import on minikit image and select kit png to replace. Only one by one you can do this but its fast.
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    The Wizard's Stadiums

    We should check what English stadiums are updated. I guess all have at least new textures and base around pitch.
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    The Wizard's Stadiums

    I know for stadium model but I think some stadiums need new crowd and glares (Burnley for example from 20 ia different than 16).