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    the137man kits

    Nice, thx :D My club is called Welwyn Galaxy FC, the colours are black, red and white (normally i used to make some neon jerseys as 3rd kit on PES 6, like Purple/Lime). The crest have 5 four-points stars, one colored, cause is the only league tittle i won while i played pes 6 online (and i won...
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    the137man kits

    Nice kits man! Are you taking requests? (it's a fantasy club that i made and been using since pes 6 XD)
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    TOP TEAMS 22/23

    the king is back :bouncy::bouncy:
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    Hey Voleck, can you share that "pattern" on the back of your Juventus kit?
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    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    hey robmar, is on your plan the release of adidas goalkeeper 2022/2023 template?
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    KITS By Murillo 14

    Amazing kits !!! Can you add the third/GK kit from that time? It was black/gray with some yellow details:
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    Stark Resilient v2.0

    Hey Toni, maybe you could make this kits that went viral on twitter some days ago?
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    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    Yes, a few months ago since that tool exists. And now everyone just put some logos (without considering a good ubication on the jersey) and call themselves "kitmakers"
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    Club América 2006-2021

    Almost all the images are down, can you reupload them?
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    Ajax_1995 Kits

    Wonderful hex texture on that Ajax jersey o: Can i ask how you do it? It's bevel and emboss? or can you share that pattern?
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    Hagi's Kit Collections

    I know this is tooooooo old, but did someone keep this kit?
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    KITS for FIFA 21 (only textures)

    Hey man, can you tell me how you make that type of seams? Do you have any tutorial? c:
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    Graphics and Gameplay

    i did, i dont have any of those files, so i dont have any to delete, then copy and paste the new files, ask me to replace, of course> regenerate
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    Graphics and Gameplay

    i didnt notice any difference :c
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    KITS LIGA MX 2020-2021 FIFA

    Nah, he understands, i remember him from fifa méxico forums, and i remember him speaking perfect spanish lol But yeah, i forgot this forum is english only