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    FIFA 13 Face Project By sam_red devil

    Nice pack! And please, could you add Neymar to the pack? Your face is the only good one on this forum. Greets!
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    FC Barcelona Font and Numbers

    I needed it for something. But I dont need it anymore. Please delete the thread!
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    FC Barcelona Font and Numbers

    Hello guys! I want to ask you something. Has anybody the FC Barcelona 2012/13 font WITH numbers in the font? Because Danilo's font is great, but there aren't numbers... So if anybody has it could he send me it? Thanks in advance! And sorry if I have put this into the wrong thread...
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    Fonts by Danilo SL

    Could someone please add Barcelona numbers to the font? I really need this guys.
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    FIFA 13 Faces by Aeh1991

    Great Kovačić and not bad Oliveira!
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    Wichanwoo's FIFA 13 Faces

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    Ohohohyaya's Facepacks

    Release that perfect EL92!!
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    Wichanwoo's FIFA 13 Faces

    Great faces!! I love how you created Ba! :D
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    FIFA 13 Faces Archive (No Posting)

    Bale hair update (big credits to aNUKE for his amazing Bale head model and texture!)
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    Themarx360hd2 Faces For FIFA 13

    Great Immobile, just update his hair. It's shaven at the sides.
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    A_Nuk3 FIFA 13 Faces

    If you want I can release this Bale (it's anukes Bale) with another hair.
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    Bundesliga Faces By Adi7yan

    Yes of course, the other faces are great! But Xhaka is really hard to make, a lot of facemakers tried and most of them failed.
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    Bundesliga Faces By Adi7yan

    Great face! Maybe next work is Andersen? :p
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    Bundesliga Faces By Adi7yan

    Good last faces, but Xhaka is really bad!
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    Shifty*nim's FIFA 13 Faces

    Bale ingame