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    Let's keep Soccergaming alive

    I remember SG looking better then this.....
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    Succession Game Hall of Fame

    Always great to see everyone’s stories from the past thru CM/FM
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    Shifty*i Messes Around at FM

    My new sheriff FC will be HNK Rijeka from Croatia! :junior:
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    Copa América Centenario 2016

    (H) oh deer must say this tournament should happen more since concacaf needs serious competition.
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    FM 16 Details has it for 15 dollars add promo code s42 for 5 percent discount. Must have a account/program. cheers! p.s. I got FM 16 and will most likely get FM 17
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    Last movie you watched

    I finally saw Deadpool after deciding to wait till I got the chance to travel to visit my brother. It was ......meh there were some good scenes thou. Colossus was a HUGE disappointment.
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    The Basketball Thread [R]

    One word! "Porzingis" (H) the second coming of Larry Bird.
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    Bayern Thread

    So what's the deal with Ribery how's his health?
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    Shifty*i Messes Around at FM

    FM 16 yay or nay? <3
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    Bayern Thread

    It's going to be a disappointing transfer (especially for the money) if he changes the Bayern class to being a chippy team. The only thing this guy brings a punk attitude that isn't the type that fits Bayern imo.
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    Football Manager 2015

    wow what a fun task taking cienciano!! too lazy to put pictures but boy going into season 3. Now I know what it feels to grind like a Inca (H) !!! my FM 15 addiction is back.
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    Bayern Thread

    Not happy with Vidal transfer, ill give the lad he has guts. But i've seen what he brings in the south american tournaments dirty player at times.
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    Football Manager 2015

    Juventino that's the U stadium of Peru sure the national team plays there but at times. THIS IS THE REAL NT Stadium btw Sport boys of Callao maybe? Alianza? Cienciano seem interesting in the MOUNTAINS like a true INCA. hmmm interesting
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    2015 Copa América [P+R]

    Messiah (H)
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    SG's Ultimate Draft Challenge 2015

    I wanna join! :D ever since OBAMA took down FIFA it's gotten interesting again....-_-