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    The Experimental Workshop

    here's a sig i made for someone.... :)
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    Next gen FIFA is hard, please help

    Just try not to play it like the old fifas you need to pass the ball around alot to find the space needed to score and keep going you woll love it in the end.......
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    UEFA EURO 2008 Demo

    where did you get the demo?
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    UEFA EURO 2008 Demo

    Is this Next-gen your talking about.....?
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    Playing with manual settings......

    Well if your not playing with all but shooting on manual you should. it brings the game to life, it takes a bit of time to get use to but when you do it's fantastic, so much more like real football, with bad passing/crossing and having to run for a ball that was under or over passed, the type of...
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    Timing Headers

    i try to push the button just b4 the ball get's to the player that's going to head the ball.... if your realy close dobble tap if far away single tap. that's it..... PS direct the ball to one of the corners too.
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    Switching to FIFA

    well fifa on PC is crap just as Pes is BUT fifa2008 on Xbox 360 is the best footy game ever....... (it dose still have it's prob's thow). Fifa has now taken over pes now cos pes is not next gen at all.....(sad)
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    What is the deal with the referee?

    yeah it would be nice to see him milling about.......;)
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    Share a Few Winning Tips

    The dubble tap work's great in the same way....... for vollies and headers..... with a mid cross (2x X button). then head or vollie with (2x B button) Whooo hoooo :) I use this alot cos you can get some fantastic looking goals..
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    What is the deal with the referee?

    I play on the 360 and have had no prob's at all......all seems to be equal to me. strange....
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    Too Difficult

    When a new Fifa comes out i allways start with amateur for the first season that way you can lern some of the new trick's it has. then semipro till i'm find that to easy then pro and so on...... You've got to love this game.....
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    I dont think there is a way of doing this mate... Not that i've found....
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    Memory Issue Xbox 360

    Why the HDD that comes with the Xbox is at least 20Gig. If i was you dont get one with out the HDD it's not a good idear.......:o
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    Yes mate you have to qualify to get in next season......
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    Shooting and crossing on semi, all the rest on manual... but soon i'm going to turn crossing to manual too... then shooting aswell, when i get used to the crossing being on manual... Love this game..:)