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    FV.Afwan's Faces

    Well made faces and good start with Klaassen
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    a_Nuk3's '14 Faces

    Just perfect! Nice work
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    FIFA 15: Ignite Engine For PC

    Correct, and the demo will tell us a lot editing wise. I hope they don't mix it up to much.
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    simo's '14 Faces

    Great faces!! especially Vlaar and Indi :33vff3o:
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    Farkam's Faces

    This is awesome!! I myself just got Fifa14 and looking for some great faces to add to my game.
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    FIFA 15 Faces

    Celebrations will be improved in fifa15. Quote EA" Match Day feels dynamic and immersive. Improved commentary will highlight unique fan reactions, with chants and behavior changing on location. New bench reactions, 10-man goal celebrations and more will keep you engaged in the story of the match.
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    Shifty*nim's FIFA 13 Faces

    Looks good!
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    FIFA 13 Kits by Mason

    My First Kits for FIFA13 Unfortunaly the collar only appears in carreer mode and not in exhibition matches. I've tested the kits with all the eredivisie teams. There shouldn't be any kit clashes with ref and teams. use Revolution mod to assign this to the Eredivisie refs.
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    FIFA 13 Faces by Mason

    To all. Thanks for comments! @PaulFCB. As much as I want to release my RKC pack. I have to wait for my crewmembers to finish their work as well. Because this is not just a facepack, it's a clubpack. Including faces, banners, kits, Fonts and Adboards. Vitesse Facepack is next in line to be...
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    Join The Club 13

    nice work bro!
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    Shifty*nim's FIFA 13 Faces

    Really like those faces. Good work!
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    Faces For Fifa 13 by Art1k

    Very good pack
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    Faces by Carlos*ass86

    Wow Impressive