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    Updated Creation Centre 2005 Released

    So it means we'll B albe 2 use CC with UEFA CL 04/05?? that would be great!! :rockman:
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    Buying Fifa 2006 Only If...

    the main problem right now (fifa 2005) is that some key teams are missing. I'm speaking of CSKA, Fener, Dynamo Kiev, Shakhtar, Lokomotiv... these teams are Champions League regulars. Russian, Turkish and Ukrainien championshps are very strong and are developing very fast.. They should be...
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    FIFA 2005 League Petition

    Phil Moscow 1. Russian Premier League The best decision IMHO is to make a large Rest of the World section putting 2-4 top tems from some leagues (like Turkey, Greece, Russia, Argentina, Mexico, Chech Rep., Croatia, Serbia&Montenegro) - but make it much more large then 2004 one.
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    The new league in Fifa is Mexico

    RUSSIAN PREMIER LEAGUE! Or at least some top teams (Lokomotiv (2 years a row in top 16 in Champions League), CSKA (this year's Champions League participant) Our teams are signing such players as Cavenaghi, Vagner Love, Daniel Carvalho, Ivica Olic, Lima and others. +Adding Russian league...
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    Creation Centre Bugs & Errors: Post'em Here!!!

    Yeah, please tell if they really work! They appear in the team management in tthe menu, but changing smth in this case becomes impossible. but while in the game they are changed again to the default formations.
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    Shinji Ono

    it's in the game - he is no runner:) i guess that in CC we can see an average number that doesn't depend on the fact wether the player has good abilities for his position or not.
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    Why player skill rate in team management is different from one in the game???

    Some players (Totti, Ronaldinho) have different skill rates in game and in team management (not during a match). What affects this ability? hame/away? morale? position on the field? Your ideas...
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    Creation Centre Bugs & Errors: Post'em Here!!!

    To Chau with all the respect to his creative talent.. Don't say that it's a little bit off the topic, considering that all other topics are more or less ignored. I would like to have a sort of an official FAQ or help file for the CC that would explain some details about using it. If it...
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    Creation Centre 1.5 Feedback & FAQs

    Have a question to CC creators. How does the formation option work??? is it possible to place the players wherever I like? If not, how will you explain the MU, Brecia, Celta, Bayer Lev. formations??? Tell me what change can be made in the formation sctreen? Hope I can make Juve, Milan...