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    Doctor+ Productions 16 Special Mods

    does this work also with Tournament Mod ?
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    aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)

    Müller isn´t so good. I think you must use another pic for texture
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    Photos For Face Makers Thread

    Steffen Hofmann SK Rapid Wien
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    FIFA 16 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools

    better place all tutorials in the first post.
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    Game Crashes

    i have a big trouble with the after the new update. I regenreate this bh fifa crash . i have only settings.lua and rev mod installed. If regenerate with ignore extren files fifa was work fine. What is wrong ?
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    FIFA 14 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools

    Does FIFA15 faces work in 14 ?
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    FIFA 15 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools

    Does FIFA14 faces work in FIFA15 ?
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    FIFA 15 Faces - General Discussion/Tutorials/Tools

    Any news of working FIFA14 faces in FIFA15 ?
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    here is it Zlatko Junuzovic Download ( click on the image )
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    yes i can. i must upload the files
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    sorry but i wait for FIFA 15
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