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    Missing Minifaces by kokasolo

    Many thanks for your great work!!
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    Kenshin's real benches for stadiums

    Awesome work again and take a break after so many good edits!!
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    Adboards by Philips

    Very nice adboards!!
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    Boots By MeReY(KZ)

    Very good!!
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    Very nice gloves!!
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    FIFA 12 Boots Jeff_Oner

    Kid answer only when somebody ask you and when not psss.... PS: Take your time Jeffi and again thanks for your great work
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    FIFA 12 Boots Jeff_Oner

    But only when you do the same and not post everytime that things are created without links. Another thing is that i ask Jeffi and not you. PS: Sorry for off topic
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    Kenshin's real benches for stadiums

    Fantastic work!!
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    FIFA 12 Boots Jeff_Oner

    @Sandat: Did i ask you? Everytime you say the same and post no links. Some boots made but not the most. Post links or shut the **** up!!
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    FIFA 12 Boots Jeff_Oner

    Thanks for all your great boots especially the whole Umbro sets!! Here are requests from boots that left. Maybe you find time and interest to do some of them but take it easy because that are many new boots: Adidas:
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    Alboards by tn-ural

    Good work!!
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    Ares Works

    Very nice!!
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    Nice try with the referees but IMO too much yellow and red cards for fouls. A good idea and maybe you can tweak it a little bit because normal game is the opposite and also not really good. I try 6.0 with ORIGINAL BODY CONTACT/COLLISION STRICTNESS and after i send you my feedback.