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    HELP Very weird visual glitch in-game

    Hi everyone, I just got a new pc and for some reason, for a split second it's happening this weird visual glitch in game. Does someone know how to resolve it?? I got a Nvidia 1070 with a CPU i5-13400F 2.50 GHz
  2. V


    Hi everyone i'm having a problem with the creation master 16 i cannot open the DB in english and i i'm not being able to save in any language. The error it is attached bellow in portuguese and an exemple in english i'm afraid to lose the mod that i'm doing so if you can help the thread i'll...
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    Problem with frosty editor and frosty mod manager at salford city

    Hi, guys, I'm new here. Recently I started to play fifa 20 with frosty editor and frosty mod manager, but my career as coach is at salford city and I can't change the uniform and the logos because the game don't recognize it, only the goalkeeper's. I don't know if the problem is the salford...
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    I have 2 problems

    1- Marcelo with short hair in long viewing distance, doesn't look like Marcelo in zoom out. 2- Messi beard bug (out of place), tested several different faces, all that contain beard have the same problem (I installed FIP Patch lastet version, and I think the "hair movement mod" based on fifa 21...
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    Career Mode Black Screen Bug

    Hi guys, i've got a weird bug where the manager career mode doesn't load up and gets stuck in a black screen right after the team selection. Fresh game with no mods installed (i'm planning to put in MW to play career with the new squads but this bug is preventing career mode to be playable)...