career mode saves

  1. enzo_g

    Error with EA Play and my save game

    Hello everyone. Today, my birthday, i was going to play FIFA in career mode, and the EA Play simply disappeared with my save game. I don't know why, i think it was because of the cloud sync, wich i never used and tried to deactivate but is impossible with this program. Now, my career mode of...
  2. BogdanCDC

    FIFA 16 Career Mode - Post Your Career Mode, and show us your Story :)

    Hello guys, me, @JochemLFC2 , @Papinho81 decided to create a thread in which we will post our career mode saves, no matter if it's FIFA 10 or FIFA 22 :)) , feel free to comment on the progress or even post your career mode story, on reaching to the top :D My Career Mode Save is in Romania...