1. V


    Hi everyone i'm having a problem with the creation master 16 i cannot open the DB in english and i i'm not being able to save in any language. The error it is attached bellow in portuguese and an exemple in english i'm afraid to lose the mod that i'm doing so if you can help the thread i'll...
  2. Sebastian Jangebring

    How to create a second division?

    Hi! Im trying to make the second division in Sweden (Superettan called) i got almost everything ready in terms of teams and logos and so on but now to the hard part, how do ì create a second division under Allsvenskan and how does it work with promotions and relegations. Also how do i intergrate...
  3. scottb7777

    Adding third kit?

    Hi guys, I've been trying to add a third kit to my team (Leeds) with no success, I followed the advice on this thread: but it didn't seem to work for me. I've cloned the away kit using CM16, made the clone the 3rd kit, updated the imagery, but...
  4. P

    CM16 player overall problem

    Hello guys, I seem to be having a problem with CM16. Every time I try to edit a player's stats, their overall decreases by 1 before I changed anything. I am using the latest Moddingway DB.