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  1. Ikarus58

    KITS 24/25 KITS

    Hello there, it's been a while since i edit kits. Still learning how to do this properly so it'll take sometimes. But here my first kitpack. Hope it'll turn out good... >> DOWNLOAD << *Update 07/07/24 Inner Sleeve & Texture Change *Update 12/07/24 Short & GK Texture re-adjustment *Update...
  2. vernvernica

    KITS EAFC24 - Fantasy Kits for everyone

    NOTE : ALL NEW CLUBS WILL BE LOCATED AT THE BOTTOM . LOOK FOR THE " ADDED DATE " To SAVE the Badge just right click on the badge - and select SAVE IMAGE or SAVE AS ADDED ON 6/ 09 /2024 Home Kit - ZIP File : https://www.mediafire.com/file/g8eonb9rztakglv/MCFC_H.zip/file Away...
  3. G

    Second Division Netherlands MOD (Keuken Kampioen Divisie)

    Hi Guys, I'm currently busy modding EAFC 24 so I can add the Keuken Kampioen divisie to the game. However, I am running into a few problems that I could use some help with to make this mod work as realistically as possible. If you have experience with modding and think you can help me with a few...
  4. M

    MODS EAFC24 Lyon Third Kit 24/25

    EAFC24 Lyon Third Kit 24/25 Features- Lyon 24/25 Kit
  5. dreamzz

    Dreamzz CRMOD24 | Concacaf Leagues & Tournaments

    This year I will be expanding the mod to include more Concacaf leagues and tournaments and to have all the league champions qualify for the regional tournaments, starting with the Liga Promerica and adding more leagues progressively. More info @ my channels. Including: -Liga Promerica (Costa...
  6. D

    Icons at 20 YO

    Hello, Has anyone done an All Icons mod for fc24 where the icons are younger so they dont retire in the first season? Some great Icon mods out there but they have real ages and this doesnt work in CM Im happy to pay money to any modder than can create a squad file will ALL icons from FUT...