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face help

  1. E

    QUESTION Is it possible to change the face in the already started carrer mode?

    As the title says, is there any chance for that? I tried changing the player ID in the live editor but it didn't work out too well. If there's already a thread about this, please link me to it.
  2. F

    Need help with a couple of game faces + Tattoos don't work for me

    I have been digging the last couple of days ever since getting fifa 16 AFTER YEARS on pc. I see a lot of people converting gamefaces... well I wanted to add a game face to Schelotto (former Inter, Chievo and Brighton player) but I can't find any that actually work. I found one from fifa 12 but...
  3. T

    HELP I want to know the cause of 'No meshes were found in the specified FBX file.' error in eidtor tool

    I made my own face in blender and this error happend. Can I know why?
  4. M

    Fifa 23 importing faces

    I'm facing a problem with importing the face, when import the face files in editor tool, the face's right eye always looked glitched,In game and in editor tool, Why is that and how can i solve it?
  5. S

    Annoying problem with FBX models imported into FE

    Hi, I'm hoping somebody will be able to point me in the right direction as to what the hell is going on with some of my head models lately created in blender. I have created a few faces previously without issue, but as of late, after spending tons of time on a face, when I come to import the...
  6. kaboom

    FIFA 22 Career Player Pro Face How to Change? ID 30999

    I literally tried everything it just won't work. Does anyone know any way to get around this and change the face of the player? I wan't to do this because I wan't to use the player growth system as it's not available when playing as a real player. Thanks in advance!
  7. D

    HELP! Faces on Fifa Editor Tool look black and flat

    Hi everyone. Im having a problem when I try to import on FET faces that I made on Blender. In blender look good but when i import on FET looks black. I upload the fbx too