fifa 08

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    Fifa 08 cep 6.0 download

    After a long time I managed to get the version 6.0 cep
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    FIFA 08/EURO 2008 ASI Loader + Asset Loader

    FIFA 08/EURO 2008 ASI Loader is an extension to FIFA 08 and UEFA EURO 2008 which gives an ability to load/attach custom plugins (files with .asi extension) to the game process. FIFA 08/EURO 2008 Asset Loader is an .asi plugin which gives an ability to load assets (.o models, .fsh textures...
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    Converting 3D-head model to old-gen FIFA format (FIFA07, 08, 06)

    In this tutorial I'll explain how to convert head model to FIFA 07. Since model format in FIFA 07 is same with FIFA 06/08 format, this tutorial will also work for FIFA 06 and 08. This tutorial doesn't explain how to create head models and textures from scratch. It shows how to convert existing...
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    FULL LEAGUES 2018/19

    Liga MX 2018/19 -Ball -Adboards-- -Some Faces- -Full Roster Kits 2018/19 Link: SPL - Scotish Premier League 2018/19 Ball Adboards Kits 2018/19 Full...