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fifa 13

  1. S

    FIFA 13-14 Kits for year 22 or 23

    Hi am new there and im see that many of you make the new kits for old games thats very good am using FIFA 13 from 12 years and make kit and transfer from creation but i need national teams kits and some of the great clubs so where I can find a kits for 22 or 23 or 21 for fifa FIfa13 FIFA 14 ...
  2. Emran_Ahm3d

    [Download] FIFA 13 Demo

    FIFA 14 Demo is now archived, it's time for FIFA 13. FIFA 13 Demo build dated September 11, 2012. Fully playable and DRM-free. Extract the file, open the game and enjoy! DOWNLOAD
  3. spcor

    [REQUEST] FIFA 13 WII U Practice Arena

    Hi, FIFA 13 on Wii U has a different training arena than the PC version Here is the image link FIFA 13 Wii U Practice Arena Is there, or is there a way for someone to make a mod that puts the fifa 13 training arena in the wii u version for pc? Sorry for the bad English, I'm Brazilian and I used...
  4. Emran_Ahm3d

    [Download] FIFA 13 Commentary Files (15 Languages)

    Introduction Greetings, As a follow-up to my Previews Post, I am gonna preserve the commentary files for the rest of the eternity, Once Again. Installation Just Copy The Files From The RAR File And Paste Them Into FIFA 13 / Game / Downloads Arabic: Google Drive | MEGA | Mediafire ( 261 MB )...
  5. M

    Files for a realistic Career Mode

    Hello guys , I'm looking for some mod files for Fifa 14 or (even 13 or 15, 16) that the OG mod makers used to make for a realistic career mode to fix things like players wages , realistic transactions between teams , basically any mods that can make the Career Mode a realistic experience...