fifa 14 faces

  1. King AJ

    King AJ Face Edits/Conversions

    Yeah I am Back.. Bruno Fernandes
  2. Fatalinho

    Possible to put Fifa 14 faces to Fifa 20 ?

    Hello guys ! I wanted to know if it was possible to put Fifa 14 faces straight to Fifa 20 ? 'cause like that I could have Juninho Pernambucano in my game, and some other legends which were in Fifa 14 but not in Fifa 20 anymore because they retired. Thanks for your answers
  3. Flavinho Facemaker

    Faces by Flavinho

    Hey guys, my faces will be posted here. Enjoy. Cheers! HERE
  4. Ferpock


    Pulisic Tattoo:) Link:
  5. A

    Kits of season 18/19 for FIFA 15

    Can somebody please provide season 18/19 kits for FIFA 15? I really want it. The season is about to get over but nobody has made it yet for 15. And those kits must have proper number font style and colour. Please. For FIFA 15
  6. M

    Nobody faces

    Hello guys. I'm new to facemaking, and I'll try to make some faces. Here is the first one. Yannick Carrasco beta Need hair suggestions.
  7. Pillowbiter


  8. LEON89

    FIFA 14 converted faces from FIFA 17/18 (LEON89)

    Here I will post converted faces FIFA 17/18 to FIFA 14 First of all I will collect all the faces of the EPL teams, then Championship, League One and League Two.