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fifa 14 stadium

  1. L

    Converting stadiums from FIFA 14 to pes 2021

    Hello, this is my first message here. have been trying for some time now, but have not managed, to convert 2 stadiums from FIFA 14 to pes 2021. I have also planned to update the textures and models for PES2021, as I have always wanted to play a football game with stadiums from my home country...
  2. C

    FIFA 12 imported stadiums problem

    Hey all. I've been editing my FIFA 12 for a couple of years now and one of the things I'm still kind of unfamiliar with are stadiums. I managed to import the stadiums from FIFA 13, but I also accidentally deleted the Stadium Kokoto once (and replaced it with my FIFA 13 version). However, in the...
  3. Masterleo10

    Masterleo10 Stadiums

    Hello....friends I am Masterleo10 I created this thread to post some stadiums that I converted for Fifa 14. I am a "Rookie" in modding but always interested to learn new things in modding. Feel free to enjoy and keep support me :)
  4. Ziro Free

    Deepdale Fix?

    In the FIP MOD when I am about to play a game in Deepdale the game closes!!!!
  5. soria

    How to edit a stadium created by a user?

    Hi! I wanted to publish this post to be able to know in some way how I can edit a stadium already created by a user (Gran Parque Central). I mean to edit the background of the stadium by importing some trees or buildings, and importing flags in the grandstand. How can I do it? Thank you very much!