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fifa infinity

  1. Harry BullZak

    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (Official HBZ 24/25 Edition)

    FIP14 v7 (23/24 Edition) - v7.30 UPDATE 13.06.2024 v7.30 CHANGELOG - LATEST RELEASE 13.06.2024 - Updated balls - Updated tournament logos - Updated banners - Updated wip3d - New miniheads HBZ Career Mod v4.20 - Improved transfer values (mostly decreased) - Improved wage values (mostly...
  2. F

    FIFA 20 mod 23/24 poll

    I want to know how many people would like to see a update Fifa 20 to season 23/24
  3. Agustín.Ziro

    Can I use the creation master in HBZ Mod?

    Now can the creation master be used in the HBZ 21/22 patch?
  4. decoruiz

    Women's Football Patch 20

    Hi there, guys. The Women's Football Patch 20 has been in a beta phase for a few months now and I've decided to post it here to anyone who is interested. Female football has been calling much more attention than before and it was time to bring them to FIFA 20. I've joined OlliX from the original...
  5. scouser09

    Revolution Mod 20

    Revolution Mod 20 V1.0 Features -Boot Assignment. -Copy Face Assets. -Set Face Type. -Swap Team Kit Assets. -Swap Team Kit Assets Classic Kit. -Swap Team Kit Assets By Name Font (For Tournament Assignments). -Swap Team Name Font. Download