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  1. I

    Project for FIFA 14 "FOR PLAY, FOR AS"

    Hello everyone, friends! I have decided to do something cool for the community and, in general, for fans of FIFA 14 mods. I am from the post-Soviet space, and therefore I want to gather modders or anyone who has materials for mods from our region. But I will be glad for anyone (no matter where...
  2. pollofrito01

    FIFA 23 Trophies For FIFA 14

    F23 Trophies converted for FIFA 14 ( Standart Edition ) DOWNLOAD This pack includes some of the F23 Trophy model extracted by @tokke001 in his thread some textures have the rgb colors, i will fix that and make an update
  3. Bonnah

    Classic Patch 14 kits in FIFA 15

    Here I will show the kits made for the classic patch of FIFA 14 in FIFA 15 Credits for some guys Worked in Kits For CP14 @TonyKroos @ACICOG remembering that I am only showing the kits made for the classic patch 14
  4. uzeR

    Darwin Núñez FIFA 14 Face

    #221 Darwin Núñez https://www.mediafire.com/file/snnjrus4tb8if44/Darwin+Núñez+v2.rar/file Please help! this link dont work. very good work, but i can't download this archive. does somebody have link?
  5. uzeR

    Matheus Nunes FIFA 14 Face

    #146 Matheus Nunes https://www.mediafire.com/file/dr0vxw6bjr4crls/Matheus+Nunes.rar/file This is really good work, but link doesn't work. link dead. I used wayback machine and open this link, but download button don't works. Please help, does somebody have Matheus Nunes face ?
  6. Moventur

    How to convert face from FIFA 14 to FIFA 13?

    I tried to convert the face with FIFA Converter by @tokke001. I converted head_model, hair_model, hairlod, but in FIFA 13 the face animations have problems. Screenshots: Is there any way to fix this?
  7. Ferdiyansyah Surya

    Faces Update Ferdiyansyah

    I try make face update Rashford and Trent alexander arnold :)
  8. Ferdiyansyah Surya


    I try remodel body fifa 22 switch for fifa 14