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  1. Harry BullZak

    FIFA Infinity Patch 14 (Official HBZ 24/25 Edition)

    FIP14 v7 (23/24 Edition) - v7.30 UPDATE 13.06.2024 v7.30 CHANGELOG - LATEST RELEASE 13.06.2024 - Updated balls - Updated tournament logos - Updated banners - Updated wip3d - New miniheads HBZ Career Mod v4.20 - Improved transfer values (mostly decreased) - Improved wage values (mostly...
  2. M

    FIP14 Crash

    Hello, I have a problem with fip 14, when I created a lower Polish league myself and wanted to start a tournament, the game crashed. Someone might be able to help me?
  3. Harry BullZak

    OFFICIAL FIFA Infinity Patch 14 v5 (FIFA 14 HBZ Mod 22/23 Season)

    FIP14 v5 22/23 - HBZ Career Mod Update - 15th April 2023 - v5.1 AFC-CAF Hotfix A critical error was reported after release. This was a big oversight and I am so glad it was found before it ended up on the other DBs. This Hotfix is a requirement for anyone wanting to play this DB. FULL RELEASE...
  4. Lesiba

    HD Scoreboards for F.I.P 14 by Lesiba [No requests]

    Scoreboards and Popups. updated : 10-Jan-2021 Coppa Italia Eredivisie FA Cup FIFA 20 Scoreboard for FIFA 14 FIFA 21 Scoreboard for FIFA 14 FIFA 21 Meter bar for FIFA 14 UEFA Champions League UEFA EURO Qualifiers