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  1. K

    FUT Birthday?

    does anyone know if FUT birthday is coming to EA FC 24 this year? fifplay said its coming on 8 March, but so far no leaks
  2. Chliper

    MODS Revolta for FC 24(FUT, Icons, Heroes and more)

    Revolta is back changed again! This time I will quickly write about the changes. I added all-time best of FUT OP players and took the name after popular MADFUT cards - META teams. They have quite crazy stats, but it's not over. In plans I have adding this year's TOTY team, converting TOTT WC...
  3. Chliper

    Revolta Mod to FIFA 23

    Hello I'm back with Revolta Mod to FIFA 23. It's a continuation of FIFA 22 Mod that gathered some interest. Now is World Cup time so my first step is World Cup Addon. Contains selected 53 players from all 32 countries on World Cup. It's Ultimate Team lookalike, players will get upgraded for...
  4. Avaare

    FIFA 20 Originals from UCL, EPL, La Liga and others in Normal Match or FUT

    Hi, I ported a scoreboards from original FIFA files, to Normal kick off or FUT (no ban, i testing) LA LIGA : https://mega.nz/file/XdNTDALJ#uwLLXm5q4bYH5LxlEBFmsc82l1_IuBP7YpF2ERYqouc MLS : https://mega.nz/file/rRUBXaLQ#JqFg0EQBfpVZMcCQwB_M7fQA0UloMfkDr_YqzfqrFwk EPL ...
  5. M

    Make Coins in FIFA 19 in Autopilot with Zero Effort

    Hi Guys. Just want to share if this. Are you playing FIFA Ultimate Team right now? If you are, then you're probably struggling to make coins like most gamers. If you are still struggling to make easy coins in Fifa Ultimate Team 19, then I have a SOLUTION for you that will really blow you away...