1. B


    Hi friends, I am sharing the squad file that I made for you at the end of the hours, all the players who are stars and all the legendary players who are remembered as stars I wanted to bring together 8 different teams and give you a different and enjoyable game experience respect for labor I...
  2. F

    fifaleyy Icons+ for FIFA 22

    Hi all, my Icons+ squad file is back again this year! This is the first version with a total of 200 Icon players, with 105 FUT Icons, 19 FUT Heroes and 76 new Icons. I've used most of the Icon Moments stats from last year for this and will update when EA releases this year's Prime Moments...
  3. Aranaktu

    Squadfile With Icons

    I DON'T TAKE ANY REQUESTS HOW TO INSTALL 1. Download the squadfile you need 2. Unzip the squadfile with Winrar or similar program 3. Move the squad file to "Documents/FIFA 22/settings" 4. To load the squadfile in game go to Customise -> Profile -> Load Squads 5. All icons are in the Free...
  4. Mariana

    Icons FIFA 15?

    Hello, is it possible with any tool to add icons to fifa 15 to play in career mode? I just wanted to be able to play with Sol Campbell
  5. Shadow_boy32

    FIFA 20 Hairstyle IDs

    Hello everyone. In this video you have all the hair ID s from FIFA 20. This ids you can use to aply for generic players or to import to specific faces also. For more , you can have a look to the video!!!
  6. Shadow_boy32

    Big Classic Players Patch for FIFA 20

    Contains: Classic players and legends for top clubs: Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Milan, Inter, Juventus, Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona; Classic National Teams with all time legens for: Argentina, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Italy; Retro/Classic...
  7. DON 26

    Legends All time squad files

    Hi I'm Don I'm new here and back to playing fifa on PC back after I moved to PS/Xbox in 08 My true passion has always been editing I love putting together crazy mods and editing players to make them more real then EA does. I am looking for a squad file that has already a lot of legends besides...
  8. Tálisson Fernandes

    Facepack players legends/icons

    Please post links with players legends for FIFA 09/10. I have several, but without Rivaldo and Socrates. Someone ?
  9. Aranaktu

    [TUT] How to add icons to squadfile

    Some of the squadfiles currently available are poorly made (causing game crashes) and some others are outdated. After many questions, that I've seen on discord like "How to add icons" etc. I've decided to make this tutorial. I'll describe the most proper way of doing this based on my knowledge...
  10. mita996

    FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16

    Proudly present FIFA 20 Legacy Switch Version. I want to thank all of you for helping @The Wizard , and the guys form zenhax forum and for your support. I do this because of love, so love for this game. FIFA 14 and 16 are still living. The first pack contain: faces, heads, hair, hairlods, balls...
  11. NaFeR

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19

    FIFA Infinity Patch 19 (v.2.2) Today we are happy to announce the release of our first mod for FIFA 19, FIFA Infinity Patch 19 or FIP 19. Here’s the rundown of features that you will be able to enjoy: Features: - Brasileirao fully updated, with real rosters and missing teams added...
  12. mita996

    Mita996 Face's

    Hello! I'm mita996, basically classic modder. You can use faces for patches, just put a credit into :)
  13. F

    FIFA 18 Mod Jugadores En Su Mejor Momento (Beta Version)

    “La característica principal de este mod, es que tomé las bases de datos del FIFA 18, FIFA 17, FIFA 16 hasta el FIFA 07, y obtuve la mejor versión de los jugadores (con la edad que tenían) y añadí jugadores que no estaban, pero solamente los que tenían el rostro escaneado” - Adidas All...
  14. NaFeR

    FIFA Infinity Patch 18

    FIFA Infinity Patch 18 (v.5.1) Today we are happy to announce the release of our first mod for FIFA 18, FIFA Infinity Patch 18 or FIP 18. The fifth and definitive version of the patch will fix many issues of the default FIFA 18 game and will update the rosters to 2018/19 season. It will also...