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    All Women Teams IDs

    Can any one help with All available Women's teams ids please
  2. O

    IDs for EAFC 24?

    Is there already a list with all IDs for EAFC 24? I can only find the ones from Fifa 23
  3. Agustín.Ziro

    Ids Stadiums?

    Hello, I need the list of stadiums with their ids and the ids that do not have stadiums, does anyone have it?
  4. Aranaktu

    FIFA 23 IDs

    FIFA 23 IDs: Google Spreadsheet Use tabs at the bottom to navigate between spread sheets. Available lists of IDs: Head Models Teams Leagues Stadiums Nationality Body Type Codes Tattoos FUT Icons FUT Heroes Maintained by: Aranaktu FIFER
  5. Jay Nightwolf


    hello guys, I searched for a long time about fifa celebration ids but it seems that there is nothing talking about it or I just didn't find it, even so, I decided to find out on my own.
  6. Aranaktu

    FIFA 20 IDs

    FIFA 20 IDs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-2wnDyG9PPU7Z8bdf1EPYWwXN_H2o6M8NOmwda_Z0oo/edit?usp=sharing On google doc you can find IDs of : Head Models Teams Leagues Nations Cities Stadiums Managers Maintained by: FIFER Aranaktu
  7. Papinho81

    Stadium IDs editor, with a R software script

    Hi everyone! This is my first contribution to this fantastic forum. I am sharing with you a script in R language (equivalent to C language) that will allow you to quickly edit the IDs of downloaded fifa 16 stadiums whether the folder you downloaded have a file sever structure or a classical...
  8. T

    Creating new league(new ID), what have I to change on dlc´s folder?

    I want to create a league that can working promotion/relegation.