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  1. E

    FIFA 23 Minifaces for FIFA 05-10

    15.11.2022 UPDATE I upscaled the minifaces from 100x85 to 200x170. Also, I added sofifa.com and futbin.com as sources. I fixed the pixelization issue too. The number of players in the FIFA 23 Initial Database is 18532 (Women players excluded, generic players included) The number of minifaces in...
  2. andres y ya

    Miniface HD 22/23

    FC Barcelona - Miniface 22/23 https://www.mediafire.com/file/mfbn6bt8w3nq8sr/FC_Barcelona_-_miniface.rar/file
  3. himre20

    How can you add minifaces for created players (or for those who do not have) ?

    I know the Live Editor way but i can't do with it. Everytime i try to import i got a crash. Maybe i use wrong kind od DDS or i don't know what's the problem.
  4. soria

    Minifaces: Campeonato Uruguayo 2020 by soria

    Hello everyone, I make my first contribution by going back to the edition of minifaces for FIFA14. I am going to leave you the minifaces of the "Campeonato Uruguayo 2020", it is the 117th first division tournament of Uruguayan soccer organized by the AUF, corresponding to the year 2020. Where...
  5. Jay Nightwolf

    Faces Conversion fifa 20 to fifa 15

    hello fifa lovers, mainly fifa 15. I am creating this topic so that you, mod creators can please be able to make face conversions from fifa 20 to fifa 15 I know it is very difficult, especially for me who is a beginner in mods, but if possible post faces converted from fifa 20 for 15 here, as...
  6. royalbluesupporter

    royalbluesupporter's Mods

    FC Schalke 04 Update - HD MINIFACE Improved Image-Quality! High-Res Minifaces! Newest Transfers included! (Miranda, Todibo..) .fbmod > > Download < <
  7. ILNUR127

    Miniface 2023-24 [127]

    Manchester United DOWNLOAD FC Arsenal London DOWNLOAD
  8. E

    300 LEGENDS + 50 CLASSIC KITS !!!!

    I would like to kindly ask the members of the modding community if they are willing to work together to create a MOD with additional legendary players and also legendary kits. I'm talking the correct minifaces and stats. Moddingway used to do this for every FIFA series up until FIFA 16...
  9. Furiaq

    Miniface 2018 to FIFA 14

    Hello. I have also converted some fifa18 minifaces for fifa14 for wish :)'ll probably put those days