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national teams in fifa 22

  1. K

    FIFA22 Extra National Teams Polish Patch 8.0 TU 12

    Polish content patch "Fifa 22 Extra National Teams Patch 8.0" All representations work link https://mega.nz/file/ptgDiRrQ#MKCTasfnlgqPual8RhITqRUY56UXYiZw510-HKnpiTw Donate https://paypal.me/kacperkawiorski Pictures for example Zdjęcie w jakiej kolejności powinien wyglądać mod 1 polska łatka...
  2. K

    fifa 22 extra national teams patch 7.0, 8.0 -Polish patch

    https://mega.nz/file/VphC3aoA#ALnC66ebw8y29__F0F6AoYQ4YdLBUf5bZWeRkB17nZk fifa 22 extra national team7.0, 8.0 -polish patch Donate https://paypal.me/kacperkawiorski
  3. D

    UEFA Nations League Mod for FIFA 21/22

    I tried adding a tournament with relatively the same format as UEFA Nations League and I set the finals of the Nations League (The 2 Semi-Finals & a final) like the ones being currently played to be held every 4 years starting in 2021 (The Vacant Slot since the confederations cup was removed)...
  4. D

    National Teams Patch for FIFA 22

    National Teams Patch for FIFA 22 This patch contains 121 national teams (+88 NEW added from all zones] 55 - UEFA National Teams 10 - CONMEBOL Teams 8 - CONCACAF Teams 24 - CAF Teams 24 - AFC Teams Link are the discord server (legend62009) ! https://discord.gg/6bhuzK4u3W Old Server -...