1. Patch Fifex

    Patch Fifex (All South American + 5 Brazilian divisions and Sub-20 +Croatia +Czech +Greece +Mexican + Japan+ 5 Asian new leagues - without replacing)

    Hi guys, I'm here to announce the biggest patch projects. We were the first team to be able to add new leagues to the game without having to replace any other. It’s not a dream to achieve, we’ve already managed to create these leagues, so it’s 100% sure they’re working properly. BRAZIL -Series...
  2. Kiros

    OFC Nations Cup 2021 virtual simulating in FIFA98RTWC

    Hello everyone! It is my attempt to simulate OFC Cup of oceanic nations, you know that tournament, I hope. Last one were in 2016 and we couldn't see it in 2020 because of pandemic situation of COVID-19. And from now on I let myself create an alternative of it. So I made new improvement of...