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  1. R

    Commentary Files(INF and OFF)

    Hello friends happy new year! I am interesting to find the commentary tree of fifa 2002. To be able modify commentary easy. But the files are encrypted at off and inf Can anyone help me decrypt them? Thanks in advance! Here are the files...
  2. R

    Commentary files(INF and OFF)

    Hello friends happy new year! I am interesting to convert FIFA 2002 commentary to a modern fifa or pes game! But first I need to know the commentary tree. I found it at inf file for speech and off for both teams and players! My question is how can I decrypt those files? To be able to view the...
  3. Igor_Kiriakov_10

    FACES FIFA 23 by sampaio_facemaker

    Hello lovers of soccer video games! I am sampaio_facemaker and I want to share with you my works for FIFA and PES. You can make private orders to my instagram. Hope you like! We are in contact! (Sorry for my English) https://www.instagram.com/sampaiofacemaker/
  4. U

    HELP | MLS PC PS2 Patch

    Can someone help me? I wanted a good MLS PC/PS2 Patch...where can I find it? I tried to download - WE 2007 [PC PS2] MLS, Mexican League, USL 1 and 2, but all the links are broken.
  5. Dmitri

    Converting PES and eFootball heads to FIFA 07/FIFA 10 format

    In this tutorial I'll explain how to convert PES 2021 head models to FIFA 07 and FIFA 10. Since model format in FIFA 07 is same with FIFA 08 format, this tutorial will also work for FIFA 08. For converting any 3D model to FIFA 07 format, check this tutorial...
  6. Enriquevy

    Pes 2010 never forgotten - Kits 2018 (Techfit style)

    I'm a fan of this PES, and I know, there are very few interested in this game, but in my free time I decided to update some of the shirts of these teams, convert them to fit in this pes, I ventured a little more (I excite a little), and decided to create to fit the techfit kits, style of shirt...
  7. fujimaru911

    PES 2018 | Lionel Messi - Never Give Up - Motivational ● Goals vs Skills 2017/18 | By Fujimaru

    PES 2018 | Lionel Messi - Never Give Up - Motivational ● Goals vs Skills 2017/18 | By Fujimaru I make videos game tribute/ montage... special PES & FIFA. Hope u like my video and will suport me. Thank You :D ► Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=fujimaru911 ►...
  8. D

    PES 2018 alternative mods site

    Hey all, giving PES 2018 a try this year since they finally released their next-gen engine for PC. Can't find a PES modding section here, any other sites to check out mods apart from Moddingway.com?