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  1. SulthanMehmetAli

    How to add a player in database? Plse Help?

    Hello guys, I have FIFA 23 MULTi20-ElAmigos, Updates - FIFA 23 - TU15 to TU17.1 Update Patches running (FIFA Mod Manager v1.1.6) : A/ FIFA 23 - International Expansion Mod 23 V3 - 08 Sep 2023 B/ FIFA 23 - CM Tweaks 1.1 - 08 Sep 2023 C/ FIFA 23 - Metric System Mod D/ FIFA 23 - Unlock Extended...
  2. N

    Invisible players PLEASE HELP

    Hello everyone, Today i edited my database (just some transfers and skills), then successfully save the db in CM. Then i want to try the team and players but i dont see anything! :O In kick off (kit selection) and on the pitch the players is still INVISIBLE! :O Somebody can help me to fix this...
  3. Tálisson Fernandes

    Facepack players legends/icons

    Please post links with players legends for FIFA 09/10. I have several, but without Rivaldo and Socrates. Someone ?
  4. F

    Players hated by their own fan... does it exist?

    https://www.instagram.com/p/B3zJJ4phys0/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet Neymar is in the list... what players are hated by their own fan?
  5. FroggyJohnson

    FIFA 07 Celebrations

    Greetings everyone. I hope you don't mind, but I'd like you to please tell me which players on FIFA 05 until FIFA 07 (PS2) had their own special goal celebrations. I've compiled over 60 players.
  6. A

    Using Augmented Reality Glasses In Coaching!!

    Some tech companies are developing a whole new system for coaching and training leveraging augmented reality technology , so that the coach and players wear the glasses and can connect with each other visually and in real-time with a lot of features (virtual assistant, visual commandments, and...