1. W

    PC 'stuck key'

    When I launch Fifa 06 I cannot select anything properly because every time there is a 'stuck key' problem. It looks like the left key and/or other button are pressed the whole time so I cannot navigate through the menu properly. Does this problem have a solution?
  2. 0

    HELP ME :(

    Hello. I have fifa 19 cpy, installed update 7 cpy. When I want to install a mod in Frosty Mod Manager, I get an error, "mod w designed for a different patch version, it may or may not work. The error is displayed when trying to upload each fashion. I will add that the game works.
  3. M

    Why don't FIFA 18 patches work for me anymore?

    OS: Windows 10 After a Windows update I tried everything, even resetting the PC to factory settings.
  4. M

    Setting Crest_113699_0_0_Color As Edited....

    Hi I really need help, the process of importing patch has been crashed because of the problem "setting crest_113699_0_0_color as edited....". The process stuck here as it said that "Byte array for GUID must be exactly 16 bytes long". PLEASE HELP ME!!
  5. T

    Career mode crashes on 2020

    I found the same problem months ago but i cant refind again. Any help?
  6. T

    Parameter is not valid. Problem with kits

    Somebody who know this error, Can help me? If need more details, I can tell it
  7. T

    Problem creating new leagues on MM

    I have created new leagues on MM. When I star a career mode the game turns off. I give them new IDs (not replaced) and I have ensured to get all right.
  8. Eduardo LB

    Slow Game

    Hello great forum friends. I have a problem with FIFA 18 and I would like to ask for your help. At the time of the match, the game is extremely slow, almost with delay. I've already updated video card, DirectX and Visual C ++, but the problem does not change. This happens via Origin or the...