1. dustin_ripp

    EEP Squadfile with Icons?

    Hey guys, does anyone have a squadfile from the EEP (with the new leagues) with baby, prime or moments icons? I tried my best to do it myself, but maybe I'm too bad with these db master / rdbm programs. Thanks a lot and greetings from germany
  2. B


    Hi friends, I am sharing the squad file that I made for you at the end of the hours, all the players who are stars and all the legendary players who are remembered as stars I wanted to bring together 8 different teams and give you a different and enjoyable game experience respect for labor I...
  3. Aranaktu

    Squadfile With Icons

    I DON'T TAKE ANY REQUESTS HOW TO INSTALL 1. Download the squadfile you need 2. Unzip the squadfile with Winrar or similar program 3. Move the squad file to "Documents/FIFA 22/settings" 4. To load the squadfile in game go to Customise -> Profile -> Load Squads 5. All icons are in the Free...
  4. Aranaktu

    FIFA 22 EA Squad Files

    Will try to upload all squad files if possible. MEGA.NZ Folder with EA Squadfiles I've also created python script which allows you to download latest squadfile and you don't even need to own the game. - FIFA Squad File Download
  5. S

    FIFA 20 Tunisian League Mod (replace Saudi Arabian League)

    Hello everybody. On old games like PES 6 or FIFA 10, some Tunisian modders have patched the game to have the Tunisian league, and the fourteen / sixteen teams of the championship. I have recreated this mod for FIFA 20, however it only works in French language and is not complete. All jerseys...
  6. Aranaktu

    [TUT] How to add icons to squadfile

    Some of the squadfiles currently available are poorly made (causing game crashes) and some others are outdated. After many questions, that I've seen on discord like "How to add icons" etc. I've decided to make this tutorial. I'll describe the most proper way of doing this based on my knowledge...