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  1. piciubrunet

    Tattoos by piciu brunet

    I’ll post here my tattoos and some faces…
  2. Ferpock


    Pulisic Tattoo:) Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mngv0o74crozf06/PulisicV2.rar/file
  3. APasZ

    APasZ Faces

    https://mega.nz/#!aN12xApA!mzdpNw0r6fvikEIdj6m4bJPMOYlMc6uEEJIPZ3AiYBA https://mega.nz/#!CAsGlSRb!0BxoRTxAADpaSXRLAysxmoXVYEZWh2nBRus0Mi1tojo https://mega.nz/#!edUnVASC!W2gfdmut6GvgswV3A35ActuomE--rXs37aV5QUWNsBc
  4. CrazyRabbit

    CrazyRabbit's - TATTOO

  5. yakupbet

    UltraPack Mod

    Welcome to UltraPack Mod by Yakup & Adam! BIG BIG thanks to Adam for making this mod possible! Adam's thread: http://www.soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/adams-faces.6465304/ I am gonna show how to make UltraPack properfly work,so pay attetion! TUTORIAL+ALL DOWNLOAD LINKS HERE: Note:this is a...
  6. B

    How To Import Textures?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if someone here knows how to import textures, for example tattoos, as it is shown in this patch https://www.moddingway.com/file/228104.html I knew that you could only replace textures, but apparently there is a way to import new ones
  7. yakupbet

    Yakup's Graphics

    Hi everyone,I do animated adboards for fifa 18.I did Champions League 17/18 adboards and I have the video if u want to watch it.If everyone likes my work i will do more videos on my channel.So pls Like & Subscribe to my YT channel! Video: