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Complete Argentinian 19/20 Season (200 Stadiums!) RE-UPLOADED!


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I just noticed that on the links posted it says "1819". Please don't be confused, those links take you to the 19/20 season.


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porque no funciona en español?

Porque la base de datos del juego esta en ingles. Lo que podes hacer si lo queres tener en español es convertirlo a cmp con el CM y despues ir agregandolo a tu version del juego. Igual, lo unico que cambia realmente son los relatos que en mi caso los prefiero en ingles antes que en español mejicano o iberico

Seba Lopez

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Hola como estas?? Hay chance de obtener solo los estadios ?? O si bajo todo puedo utilizar solo los estadios para instalar con el server en mi fifa ?

Muchas Gracias


Youth Team
5- Primera D (bottom amateur level):

14 Teams:

Puerto Nuevo
Deportivo Paraguayo
Deportivo Muñiz
Centro Español
Atletico Lugano
Juventud Unida
Defensores de Cambaceres
Central Ballester
Argentino de Rosario
Sportivo Barracas

Tournaments: Primera D (league format) + Reducido (2nd promotion play-off tournament from 2nd placed to 9th) Playable in manager, career and tournament mode. Same case as with Primera B Metro and Primera C, not the actual reinstated Apertura/Clausura format which is incompatible with FIFA

9 Stadiums:

Juan Antonio Arias
Ricardo Puga
12 de Octubre
Ciudad de San Miguel
Jose Maria Moraños
Ruben Carlos Vallejos
Rodolfo Vicente Capocasa
Jose Martin Olaeta
Luis Vallejos (owned by an amateur team called Belgrano de Zarate, but Deportivo Muñiz has been using it currently as a host)

The bottom team of this league would be disaffiliated from AFA and wont compete during next season. I created a "Desafiliados" league with teams that are currently out of the system. It could be used as a "dumpster" for teams that may in the near future be back in on the main league system

Extra Tournaments:

Copa Argentina:

Playable in Manager, career (if selected team is in) and tournament mode
64 Teams from the 6 divisions above (the 24 teams from Superliga, 14 teams from Nacional B, 6 teams from Primera B Metro, 13 teams from Federal A, 4 teams from Primera C and 3 teams from Primera D), organized in 6 one leg rounds, played at several stadiums including these neutral turfs among others:

Mario Alberto Kempes
Jose Antonio Romero Feris
San Juan del Bicentenario
Malvinas Argentinas de Mendoza
Bicentenario de Catamarca
Unico de La Plata

Supercopa Argentina:

Playable in Manager/career mode. This is a one leg supercup final that should be between the winner of the Superliga and the winner of the Copa Argentina. But because FIFA 16 reasonably only allows a team to qualify for only one tournament at a time, I had to set up this Supercup to be between the winner of the Copa Argentina and the winner of the new "Trofeo de Campeones de la Superliga" which consists on the winner of the Superliga and the winner of the Copa de la Superliga.

Copa Libertadores:

Playable in manager mode. All three pre-qualifying stages, group stage and knock out stages, the final is again only one leg in neutral ground and it will be at the Maracana stadium. Teams from Brazil are up to date, Colombia and Chile... somewhat, the rest of the teams have rosters from previous seasons and would need to be updated.

Copa Sudamericana:

Playable in manager mode. All knock out stages plus a fantasy group stage to determine qualification for the losing teams in the 3rd preliminary round from Copa Libertadores that enter the Copa Sudamericana. Playable in Manager mode. Some teams from Brazil are up to date, rest of the teams have rosters from previous seasons. If anyone would like to submit the updated rosters it would be greatly appreciated.

All 47 Teams from 2020 Copa Libertadores
All 44 Teams from 2020 Copa Sudamericana

Plus, the remaining teams form the other 9 conmebol top leagues, including some 2nd division teams. All of them could be used perhaps in the future if they qualify.


5 from Bolivia
17 from Brazil
13 from Chile (4 without crowds)
12 from Colombia (1 without crowds)
8 from Ecuador
5 from Paraguay
9 from Peru (1 without crowds)
11 from Uruguay (1 without crowds)
9 from Venezuela (5 without crowds)

In career mode it is possible to qualify for the FIFA Club World Cup as well, checking the other continental tournaments as they unfold:

UEFA CL, starting on round of 16 (Real)
AFC CL, starting on round of 16 (Fantasy)
OFC CL, starting on semi-finals (Fantasy)
CAF CL, starting on quarter finals (Fantasy)
CONCACAF CL, starting on quarter finals (Real)
plus a "mini" Qatar Stars League of three teams that would qualify as the local team (Fantasy)

It is also possible to qualify for the Suruga Bank Cup and the Recopa Sudamericana, although, again, due to FIFA 16 restriction to allow a team to qualify for only one tournament at a time, I had to do a little tweaking. The Recopa Sudamericana, between Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana winners, is part of a Fantasy "quarter final" round within the Fifa Club World Cup, the winner of this two leg "cup" would advance as the south american representative at the FIFA Club World Cup Semifinals whereas the loser will play the Suruga Bank against the winner of a Fantasy "J-League" (Japanese champion) also available in career mode.

Most of the rosters for these teams are outdated, if anyone cares about updating them and sharing them in cmp format it would be awesome.

I configured all the tournaments myself. Kits are not necessarily current, I used the models I like the most. Most of them have been converted and downloaded from previous FIFA versions and done by true kit makers. I haven't taken their stamped name away. I've converted and done crowds for most of the minor division teams and some small south american teams, the rest of the stadiums has been collected mostly from this forum. I apologize in advance if I haven't asked for permission to use all of them, I just have so many scattered around all my hard drives I don't even know at this point where I've got them from.

Here are the download links:

























Important notes:

1- Unfortunately with some of the recent FIFA updates it is not possible to save a career or a tournament, you would have to leave the program and the computer always on...

2- Most leagues work after the first season, but as it usually happens with Argentinan football, it will render errors after the second season due to the uneven number of promotions and relegations plus the fact that there are now two 2nd level divisions and 3 third level divisions...

3- Superliga, Nacional B and some important south american stadiums have been used to replace most of the original stadiums in order to play night and day games. 3rd, 4th and 5th division and smaller south american teams' stadiums can only be played with day settings (or bizarre night shading if you dont care)

4- Unzip, change folder name to "FIFA 16". Change original FIFA 16 folder name to something else, copy the new FIFA 16 folder to C://Program Files x 86/Origin Games

5- If you experience problems while using the patch or you would rather prefer not to replace your original FIFA folder, or you are only interested in a particular league, team or tournament I recommend to unzip the folder in an external hard drive, open it with CM, extract/create cmps as you wish and then load them into your original FIFA 16. But beware, if you do this, you have to be careful with the ids as you could unintentionally replace data

Enjoy !

COLGADO, the links are broken my friend...could you upload them again?


Club Supporter
Hi, everybody !

Here's the 19/20 season of the 6 main argentinian divisions (Superliga, Nacional B, Primera B Metro, Federal A, Primera C and Primera D). This time around, I decided to upload the entire FIFA 16 folder, since lots of people seemed to have problems with the cmp files. Now you just have to download the file, rename it as FIFA 16, and replace your current FIFA folder (of course, back it up first). In order to get it to work, you need to have the legal copy of FIFA 16.

Here´s the YT link:

These are the contents of this season:

1- Superliga Argentina (Top division)

24 Teams:

River Plate
Boca Juniors
Racing Club
San Lorenzo
Rosario Central
Newell's Old Boys
Velez Sarsfield
Argentinos Jrs.
Defensa y Justicia
Estudiantes LP
Gimnasia LP
Colon de Santa Fe
Union de Santa Fe
Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba
Arsenal (Sarandi)
Central Cordoba (Santiago del Estero)
Atletico Tucuman
Patronato de Parana
Aldosivi de Mar del Plata
Talleres de Cordoba

Tournaments: Superliga Argentina (League), Copa de la Superliga, Playable in Manager mode and Tournament mode. Trofeo de Campeones de la Superliga (between winners of superliga and copa de la superliga) is playable in career manager mode. Skipping pre season and disable transfers is recommended for Career mode, matter of fact, don't even touch the transfer's tab, he. This goes also for all the other leagues.

24 Stadiums:

El Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti (already in game)
La Bombonera Camilo Cichero (already in game)
Cilindro de Avellaneda Juan Domingo Peron
Libertadores de America
Nuevo Gasometro Pedro Bidegain
Tomas Adolfo Duco
Gigante de Arroyito
Marcelo Bielsa
Jose Amalfitani
Diego Armando Maradona
Julio Humberto Grondona
Florencio Sola
La Fortaleza Nestor Diaz Perez
Jorge Luis Hirshi (brand new stadium!)
Juan Carmelo Zerillo (with new stands)
Feliciano Gambarte (original Godoy Cruz' stadium)
La Boutique de Barrio Jardin
Jose Fierro
Norberto Tito Tomaghello (renovated with tv broadcast orientation)
Presbitero Bartolome Grella
Brigadier Estanislao Lopez
15 de Abril
Adolfo Lopez (old legendary Aldosivi's stadium)
Alfredo Terrera (correct tv broadcast orientation)

2- Nacional B (2nd level):

32 Teams divided in two zones of 16:

Zona A:

San Martin (San Juan)
Ferro Carril Oeste
Nueva Chicago
Deportivo Moron
Agropecuario Argentino de Carlos Casares
Independiente Rivadavia de Mendoza
Mitre de Santiago del Estero
Guillermo Brown de Puerto Madryn
Belgrano (Cordoba)
Estudiantes (Caseros)
Barracas Central
Estudiantes de Rio IV
Alvarado (Mar del Plata)

Zona B:

Defensores de Belgrano
Gimnasia de Jujuy
Gimnasia de Mendoza
San Martin (Tucuman)
Villa Dalmine
Atletico Rafaela
All Boys
Sarmiento de Junin
Brown de Adrogue
Instituto (Cordoba)
Ramon Santamarina de Tandil
Deportivo Riestra

Tournaments: Each zone is playable as a separated league in tournament mode. In career mode you get to play the league stage plus the play-off stage which consists on a final match between each zone's winner to determine the first promotion to superliga and the champion, and the "reducido" tournament between the loser of that final and the three top teams of each zone that will determine the second promotion.

32 Stadiums:

Juan Pasquale (new and old tv broadcast versions)
Republica de Mataderos
Centenario de Quilmes
Ofelia Rosenzuaig
Victor Legrotaglie
Bautista Gargantini
Nuevo Monumental de Rafaela
Tacita de Plata 23 de Agosto
Monumental de Alta Cordoba
Arquitecto Etcheverri (new model)
Doctores Jose y Antonio Castiglione
Alfredo Beranger
Ciudad de Vicente Lopez (correct tv broadcast orientation)
Municipal General San Martin
Eva Peron
Lorenzo Arandilla
3 de Febrero
18 de Julio
Coliseo de Mitre y Pucchini
Nuevo Francisco Urbano
Raul Conti
Claudio Chiqui Tapia (day only)
Guillermo Laza
Islas Malvinas
La Ciudadela de Tucuman
Jose Dellagiovanna
Gigante de Alberdi
Ciudad de Caseros
Leon Kolbowski
Jose Maria Minella (where Alvarado plays as host)
Antonio Candini
Hilario Sanchez (original San Martin de San Juan's stadium)

3- Primera B Metropolitana (traditional 3rd level, Buenos Aires metro area): I put this league along with the other two 3rd level leagues (Federal A zones 1 and 2) in a "fake" country called "Argentina (No Afiliados)" in order to make it playable in career mode, although this particular league IS directly affiliated to the Argentinian FA

18 Teams:

Almirante Brown
San Telmo
Ferrocarril Urquiza
Justo Jose de Urquiza
Talleres de Remedios de Escalada
Defensores Unidos de Zarate
San Miguel
Tristan Suarez
Deportivo Armenio
Los Andes
Argentino de Quilmes
Villa San Carlos

Tournaments: Primera B Metro (League), Reducido (Promotion play-off tournament with teams from 2nd to 9th in the league) Playable in Tournament mode and first season playable in career/manager mode. Unfortunately this is not the actual competition format. The Argentinian FA decided to change it (yet again) reviving the old Apertura/Clausura tournies. But unlike the Mexican or Colombian competitions, in this case a general 2 round table is needed to determine which teams qualify for the 2nd promotion play-offs. Since this is impossible to configure in FIFA 16 (or at least, I couldn't find a way) I decided to keep the previous format with the champion of the two rounds league promoting directly (no final) and the winner of the play-offs getting the 2nd promotion. This will be the case for the Primera C and Primera D as well.

17 Stadiums:

Alfredo Ramos
Beto Larrosa
Libertarios Unidos
20 de Octubre
Remedios de Escalada
Fragata Sarmiento
Osvaldo Baletto
Monumental de Villa Lynch
La Quema de Boulogne
Carlos V
Gigante de Villa Fox
Ramon Roque Martin
Los Polvorines
Barraca Quilmeña
Gennacio Salice
Eduardo Gallardon

3- Torneo Federal A (indireclty affiliated to FA 3rd level):

30 Teams, divided in 2 Groups of 15:


Deportivo Madryn
Villa Mitre de Bahia Blanca
Sol de Mayo de Viedma
Olimpo de Bahia Blanca
Cipolletti de Rio Negro
Ferro Carril Oeste de General Pico
Sansinena de General Cerri
Mutual Camioneros de Esteban Echeverria
Deportivo Maipu de Mendoza
Huracan Las Heras
Sportivo Desamparados de San Juan
Estudiantes de San Luis
Juventud Unida Universitario de San Luis
Circulo Deportivo Nicanor Otamendi de Mar del Plata
Peñarol de San Juan


Central Norte de Salta
Boca Unidos de Corrientes
San Martin de Formosa
Chaco For Ever de Resistencia
Sarmiento de Resistencia
Crucero del Norte
Defensores de Belgrano de Villa Ramallo
Douglas Haig de Pergamino
Sportivo Belgrano de San Francisco
Gimnasia de Concepcion del Uruguay
Defensores de Pronunciamiento
Union Sunchales
Juventud Unida de Gualeguaychu
Sportivo Las Parejas
Güemes de Santiago del Estero

Tournaments: The entire Federal A is now playable in both Tournament and Manager mode. Each zone is basically an almost completely separated league where the top six of each zone qualify for a final round within each zone where the top teams promote directly. There is a third promotion that can be played in career mode with a fantasy leg between the 2nd placed teams of the final group of each zone to determine who will play the real play-off against the loser of the final of the "reducido" tournament for 2nd promotion of the Primera B Metro. The winner of this match would achieve the 3rd promotion to Nacional B.

30 Stadiums:

Comandante Guacurari
Centenario de Resistencia
Juan Alberto Garcia
Antonio Romero (where San Martin de Formosa plays as host)
Leoncio Benitez
Padre Martearena (where Central Norte plays as host)
Hector Odicino-Pedro Benoza
Juan Gilberto Funes (where Juventud Unida Universitario de San Luis plays as host)
Oscar Boero
Omar Higinio Sperdutti
General San Martin
El Serpentario
Miguel Morales
De Los Eucaliptos
La Visera de Cemento
Abel Sastre
La Perrera
Salomon Boeseldin
Manuel y Ramon Nuñez
La Fortaleza del Bicho
Delio Esteban Cardozo
Arturo Miranda
Roberto Carminatti
Hugo Moyano
Coloso del Barrio Talleres
Fortin de Bahia Blanca
Luis Molina
Guillermo Trama
Ramon Pablo Rojas

All stadiums now with "live" crowds

4- Primera C (4th level):

19 Teams:

Sportivo Dock Sud
Deportivo Italiano
Deportivo Merlo
Deportivo Laferrere
Ferrocarril Midland
San Martin de Burzaco
El Porvenir
General Lamadrid
Central Cordoba de Rosario
Leandro Niceforo Alem de General Rodriguez
Victoriano Arenas
Deportivo Español
Argentino de Merlo
Real Pilar

Tournaments: Primera C (league stage), Reducido (teams from 2nd to 9th play a 2nd promotion play-off tournament) Same as with the Primera B Metro, the actual competition format has been changed to the Apertura/Clausura fashion but I couldn't find a way to make it work so I kept the previous tournament format.

19 Stadiums:

Jorge Alfredo Arin
Carlos Sacaan (pan-pan!! :D)
Saturnino Moure
General Rodriguez
Norman Lee
Pampa y Miñones
Jose Charro Moreno
Garrafa Sanchez
De Los Inmigrantes
Enrique VI
Gabino Sosa
Francisco Ghersinich
Republica de Italia
Francisco Boga
Municipal de Lujan
Ciudad de Libertad
Carlos Barraza (previous Fenix stadium now appropriated by "new rich kids" Real Pilar)
Nueva España
Merlo Norte

Continue with Primera D (5th level), Extra Tournaments AND... download links in post#3...
200 stadiums,jesus man keep up the work.