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Edit players stats of save game


Club Supporter
We are currently playing a career with one guy being the virtual pro in career mode and two other guys just controlling two other players from the squad. Our problem is that we are rarely selected for the Champions league matches because we are always selected to play some league match a few days before. Thus being told by the manager, that the player is not fir for match because he looks tired. This happens even though the player is top scorer and an important player on the team. (We believe that being an important player on the team, the manager should instead spare the player from league matches especially when its against the lower part of the table)

Any suggestions as to how we can avoid this? I was thinking that we could maybe edit the players stamina in between the matches, so that the player wouldn't be tired. But firstly I don't know how to edit the save game file, and secondly I don't know if that is how the squad selection works.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated :) Thanks!